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HNO37 will have to wait a year, but,  we are continuing to raise as much funds as possible to donate to Project Lazarus this year.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions that are in place, we are unable to have HNO37 this year as we envisioned. What continues to be a need is assistance for Project Lazarus. We are committed this year to continue to raise as much money for this organization. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for opportunities to help out. In the meantime, we are accepting donations of any dollar amount you wish . Any amount helps, as we are unable to have our year round fundraising host events.

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Halloween New Orleans

Halloween New Orleans is one of the most celebrated gay party weekends of the year while also being one of the longest-running and most respected fundraising events in the country. Join us for an incredible weekend of love, fun, friends and giving back!

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