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Halloween New Orleans has played a vital role in the history of Project Lazarus. Begun in 1983, Halloween New Orleans was established as a private nonprofit organization, with the sole purpose of raising funds to support the mission of Project Lazarus. 

The weekend of events include the famous Lazarus Ball, the main costume party on Saturday night and a Sunday brunch and French Quarter second line parade. This weekend of fun was originally started as a dinner party given by a few people to honor their friends and loved ones who had died from AIDS and has become the single largest cumulative donor to Project Lazarus since the agency’s inception.

Our Mission


The mission of the Hosts of Halloween is to provide funding for Project Lazarus, a home in New Orleans for men and women with AIDS, so that they may provide healthcare and support services for their residents. Project Lazarus, which provides direct AIDS services, is the sole beneficiary of all funds which are raised.

In our 40 year history, we have raised almost $4.7M for Project Lazarus. We are one of the only 100% donation/volunteer event weekends left in the US.

A community coming together to share their love and sense of family, a community celebrating its unique culture and love of showmanship, a community coming to the aid of its own in the dark days of the AIDS crisis, and a community triumphing over challenges with a resilient, joyful spirit.

2022 Board of Directors

We’re always looking for motivated, fun, strong leaders for our Board and Committees. Want to be a part of this amazing organization? Email us!

Corporate Board

Neil Savoy: President
Dustin Woehrmann: Executive Board
Ryan Wentworth: Executive Board
Aaron Rusich: Treasurer


2020 Event Board

The Lazarus Ball:

Scott Striplin

Nick Meinhardt

Mikey Arceo

The Main Event:

Neil Savoy: Event Chair
Brent Meche: Vice Chair

Tea Dance:

Tony Leggio

Host Party Committee:

Jonathan McCarty


Henry Heaton

Beau Moss

Tim Snow
Brent Meche

Susanne B. Dietzel, Ph.D.: Project Lazarus Director

Interested In Volunteering To Help?

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