• A Benefit Weekend for Project Lazarus. October 27 – 30, 2016

    In the early 1800's Pirate Jean Lafitte pirated many ships, stored the goods and later sold them to the people of New Orleans. He was killed before he could reveal where he left all of his precious goods. Come spend Halloween weekend with us as we search the city for Lafittes hidden treasures. But don't get caught because if you do Lafitte will curse you and haunt you until you return his treasures. Come prepared to search for some BOOTY, dance the nights away and enjoy the sometimes haunted city of New Orleans.

Individual Tickets, Combo Passes & Host/Patron Donations on sale!

Welcome on board UBER!
For our HNO events, get 50% of 2 rides. Enter the code HNO2016 (every trip completed Uber will donate $1 to Project Lazarus! up to $2000).

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