What is a Host?

hosts2Being a Host is membership to Halloween New Orleans.

Long ago, we created the HOST/PATRON system to help take care of early financial expenses (venue deposits, marketing) related to planning the big event. A big percentage of people who don’t host also don’t pay until many months later – usually just before the event. Without this system, it would be impossible to provide the festivities and entertainment. Halloween New Orleans is entirely NON-PROFIT – Each year, 100% of what we raise (after event expenses) goes to Project Lazarus. All of our board members are volunteer and we don’t have a staff to pay.

Who can Host? Anyone is welcome to be a Host!

hosts1Why should I Host?
The Hosts of Halloween have always been the core of our organization. A host pays extra and helps us raise more money for Project Lazarus. In exchange we give hosts social events throughout the year, and special perks on the weekend of the event (early entrance, commemorative t-shirt, gift bag, VIP lounge).

The Host Lounge – Premium & FREE bars, food, and a short line to the bathroom. Sometimes, we even have bonus entertainment.

Besides Halloween weekend, we celebrate throughout the year with “Host Parties” at a variety of venues to raise awareness (and excitement!) for the coming events.Throw in some great t-shirts and gift bags – with swag from our sponsors – and there’s really no reason you shouldn’t already be signed up by now.

To be a host, is to be a part of your community. Join us in helping a worthy cause and come celebrate this over 30-year tradition.


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