Paul S. Plauche Award

The Paul S. Plauche award is given annually over the Halloween weekend to the individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to both the HIV/AIDS community and to Halloween’s in New Orleans. The award has been given yearly as follows:

1993 Paul S. Plauche
1994 Bruce Gallassero
1995 Arthur Roger
1996 Richard Thompson
1997 Glenn Vesh
1998 Price Mounger
1999 Bill Emling, Stephen Emling, Rusty Harris
2000 Mark McKeown
2001 Lisa Maurer, Nichole Heymann
2002 Richard Weeks
2003 Jason Waguespack
2004 Greg Fay, Angela Torres
2006 Jim Mounger
2007 Jennifer Calzada
2008 Steven Putt
2009 John Ramsey
2010 Toby Lefort
2011 Jerry Fredieu
2012 Dustin Woehrmann
2013 Mike Atwater
2014 Johnny Chisolm
2015 Neil Savoy
2016 Fletcher Jernigan & Lance Hebert

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