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Why isn’t the Saturday Party at the Municipal Auditorium?

The Auditorium never reopened after Katrina. When it does, we’ll certainly look at returning!

Where does the money that’s raised go?

100% of the money we raise (after expenses) goes directly to Project Lazarus.

Is it better to buy tickets early?

Tickets and Passes will be less expensive the earlier you buy them. Ticket prices will go up right after Labor Day.

Host and Patron dues do not change.

Will I be able to buy a single event ticket?

Yes. After Labor day, we will publish single ticket prices for our events.

Buying combo passes saves you money, though.

When is the cutoff to sign up as a Host?

There is none. You can sign up any time, even the day of the event.

Are Host dues tax deductable?

Yes, consult your tax professional.

Are Board members paid?

Nope. Board members donate their time to put on the events.

And we’re always looking for help! If you’re interested in being a part of putting on this important event, please contact any Board member.

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