30 Years of Themes

Halloween Themes & Dates

There have been 30 years of Halloween’s in New Orleans history. See a listing of our past dates, venues and themes.

2013 – Halloween 30
HNO30-Theme-Banner-wideXXX: Chapel of Love @ Mardi Gras World

2012 – Halloween 29
HNO29-FightPoster1-smMonster Brawl @ Contemporary Arts Center
Our “Pre-fight Gala” was held at the Ogden Museum, Friday’s “Weigh-Ins” were back at House of Blues and the main event took place in the Sheds at CAC which was transformed into a locker room and fight arena with a real boxing ring as the stage! The show featured New Orleans Bounce artist Nicky Da B, MAD-donna (Blanche Debris), Lady RaRa (Dusty Debris) and Emcee (Persona Shoulders) along with a group of bounce dancers and audience members. Sunday brunch on the Natchez ended the week perfectly!

2011 – Halloween 28
wickedlyeverafter-smWickedly Ever After @ New Orleans Convention Center
An amazing weekend of superheroes and villians.

2010 – Halloween 27
Famous @ Mardi Gras World
Thursday kicked off a new tradition of being called “The Lazarus Ball” to reflect back on our beneficiary. This was an incredible event held at the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park. Friday was “Feel the Fame” in our return to House of Blues and Saturday’s show featured dancers, parkour runners and celebrity fashion ruled. Sunday, we returned for brunch on the Natchez.

2009 – Halloween 26
UnknownTwisted Seasons @ Mardi Gras World
Each of the four events took on a different season to create this incredible weekend. Thursday was “Autumn Indulgence”, Friday was “Wicked Winter Wonderland” with go go boys in snow globes and the DC Cowboys, Saturday was “A Midsummer Night’s Scream” with midnight show of Thriller. Sunday was our first time on the Natchez Steamboat with brunch and great music.

2008 – Halloween 25
imageSILVER PARTY, October 25 @ The Sugar Mill
Silver Party highlighted Halloween’s in New Orleans 25th year of fund-raising parties. The 4 day weekend also ended on a bang with a first time ever double Sunday event with two shows by Emmy Award winner, Leslie Jordan.

2007 – Halloween 24
Wimage_6ild Kingdom, October 27 @ The Sugar Mill
Wild Kingdom brought back the traditional four party weekend. 2007 also brought us to a new venue for a Saturday night party – The Sugar Mill, a warehouse space across the street from the New Orleans Convention Center.

Halloween 24 was also brought back a feature that had not existed in years, an official costume contest on Saturday night. Nearly 100 groups paraded across the stage before midnight and winners were announced on Sunday. Congratulations to: Best Animal – The Albino Peacocks, Best Small Group – The Jindal 6: Louisiana’s First Family, Best Large Group – The Peking Ducks, Best Individual – tie between Brittany Spears and The Majorette, Best Overall Winner – Brittany Spears.

2006 – Halloween 23
image_7Come Out & Play, October 28 @ The New Orleans Arena
Held in 2006, it was meant to be a signal that Halloween’s in New Orleans was back and would continue. When the New Orleans Arena proved to be the only venue in the city that was both large enough to hold the event and did not suffer major damage, the sport tie-in was a natural.

2005 – Halloween 22
image_6Caring, Giving, Cleaning and Celebrating, October 29 @ The W New Orleans
Psycho Cinema was the planned theme for Halloween’s in New Orleans in 2005. As we all know, that was the year Katrina hit and the Halloween weekend of events was nearly cancelled. Although small, when compared to the previous years, the one night party-in-the-street attracted nearly 1,000 people to the block next to the W Hotel only a week after New Orleans was officially reopen.

2004 – Halloween 21
image_9Freaks, Follies and Sideshows, October 30 @ The Municipal Auditorium
Held in 2004 and was the last party to-date to be held in the Municipal Auditorium. We do hope to return to this most beloved home for the Saturday night party, but as of this writing, the venue has yet to be renovated after Hurricane Katrina.

2003 – Halloween 20
image_5Spectacular, Spectacular, November 1 @ The Municipal Auditorium

2002 – Halloween 19
imageMythos, October 26 @ The Municipal Auditorium

2001 – Halloween 18
image_3Glam, Glitter, Grooviness, October 27 @ The Robin Street Wharf

2000 – Halloween 17
Vamps & Voodoo, October 28 @ The Municipal Auditorium

1999 – Halloween 16
image_7Celestial Odyssey, October 30 @ The New Orleans Convention Center

1998 – Halloween 15
image_9Le Bal Grotesque, October 31 @ The Governor Nicholls Street Wharf

1997 – Halloween 14
imageCircus Eroticus, November 1 @ The Municipal Auditorium
Supported by a total of 324 Hosts funding the weekend. It was also the year that HalloweenNewOrleans.com was born.

1996 – Halloween 13
image_10Dugeons & Drag Queens, October 26 @ The Municipal Auditorium
Supported by a total of 299 Hosts funding the weekend. It was also the first year the Saturday party was held at the Municipal Auditorium, the most popular location, and also the first year a Weekend Pass was sold to guests who wanted to attend all events.

1995 – Halloween 12
image_5Theshold of A New Millennium, October 28 @ The Robin Street Wharf
It was the first year that the number of Hosts funding the weekend surpassed 200, with a total of 217.

1994 – Halloween 11
image_8Eye-Ball, October 29 @ The Robin Street Wharf
It was the year the Host Lounge armband was born. It was created, and still remains, as an extra perk for the then 191 Hosts who helped fund the weekend of events. 1994 was also the first year that entrance was not limited to invited guests, anyone who paid the entrance fee was allowed in.

1993 – Halloween 10
image_5Maxquerade, The Anniversary, October 30 @ The Robin Street Wharf
Funded by 177 Hosts. During this historic anniversary, the organization, Halloween’s in New Orleans received a City of New Orleans Proclamation from Mayor Sidney Bartholomew, a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S. Congressman William Jefferson, and a Louisiana Legislature House of Representatives commendation from Speaker John A. Alario, Jr.

1992 – Halloween 9
image_7October 31 @ The Robin Street Wharf
Halloween 9 returned to the Robin Street Wharf on October 31, 1992. It was the 2nd year for Robin Street and the 2nd year the party fell on Halloween night. By 1992, the number of Hosts helping fund the weekend of events had grown to 137.

1991 – Halloween 8
image_4October 26 @ The Robin Street Wharf
Halloween 8 was held at the Robin Street Wharf in 1991, which would become one of the two most popular locations for Saturday night parties.

1990 – Halloween 7
image_9October 27
Halloween 7, held in 1990, continued as a 4 day weekend of events that were limited to invited guests only.

1989 – Halloween 6
image_1October 28 @ The Thalia Street Wharf
1989 started Halloween’s love of Mississippi River warehouse spaces. It was also the first year the weekend expanded to the 4 days it has remained ever since. By 1989, Halloween’s in New Orleans had grown to a total of 52 Hosts funding the weekend of events.

1988 – Halloween 5
image_3Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell, October 29

1987 – Halloween 4
image_5There Are No Limits, October 31st @ Windows on Magazine St.
(Halloween 4) was the first time the Saturday party fell actually on Halloween night. It took place on Magazine St. on October 31st, 1987. This was also the first year additional parties were added on Friday night, as a meet-and-greet for arriving out of town guests and Sunday as a good-bye brunch. Halloween 4 was the first year that costumes became mandatory on Saturday night, as they still remain. Entrance to the parties was still strictly invitation only. The party was now funded by a total of 28 Hosts.

1986 – Halloween 3
image_4The Legend Continues @ The Mint

1985 – Halloween 2
image_11October 26 @ The Civic Disco Theater
The dress was suggested as costume or black tie and the party continued to be by invitation only.

1984 – Halloween 1
image_10Halloween Extravaganza, October 27 @ The Civic Disco Theater
It all began with a Halloween party for out-of-town friends at the Civic Disco Theatre on October 27, 1984. This first year was a one night party and was by invitation only.

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